What is Capstone?

Capstone is a new capability-based instruction set architecture (ISA) that provides a single unified abstraction for achieving multiple security goals.

Status of the Project

Overall, Capstone is still in its early stages. We have presented Capstone at USENIX Security Symposium ‘23, and have released the ISA specification document and the open-sourced artefacts which include functional prototypes and an implementation for preliminary performance evaluation. No complete hardware implementation is available yet.

release timeline

Future Steps

The next steps are to explore the hardware implementation and the higher-level abstraction on top of Capstone more. More specifically, those include creating and evaluating a full RTL implementation, developing software development toolchains, and exploring how to improve the compatibility with existing ISAs.

Learn More

For more information on Capstone, please check out the paper and the ISA specification. Please do not hesistate to reach out to us via email or on the forum if you have any questions.