We are happy to release the Capstone ISA specification!

In addition to a specification of Capstone itself, the released document also includes a specification of TransCapstone, which is a RISC-V ISA extension for integrating Capstone features into the RISC-V ecosystem, thereby allowing existing software to benefit from Capstone more easily.

Read the document in either of the two formats available:

The testing branch version of the specification document is also available:

The source of the document is available on GitHub, and is open to issues, discussions, and pull requests.

Do check out the full list of artefacts available so far if you want to learn more.

What Is Capstone?

Capstone is a new instruction set architecture (ISA) provides a single unified abstraction for achieving multiple security goals. Learn more about it here.

More Questions?

Please feel free to discuss on the forum or reach out to us via email.